Our Services

What Do We Do?

Phone Appointments

Leads set with businesses via phone call, with a follow up a day before the appointment

Face to Face

Leads where we set appointments with businesses where you can walk in and talk about your services.

Zoom Meetings

Leads with video chat and screen sharing all go through Zoom confrence meeting software.

What Sets 401k Depot Apart?

We provide so much more at 401k Depot than just outbound telemarketing services. In addition to being one of a handful of leading telemarketing service providers, we can also set all your appointments for you and then make the phone calls based on the criteria you provide. This allows us to handle all your telemarketing needs in one coordinated effort, while you do what you do best: run your business and serve your clients on a day-to-day basis.

How We Do It?

The first step we take in your campaign is building a team of callers that will be trained on a targeted script that meets your criteria and services.

Targeting Your Prospects

Once we have your team ready, we’ll start narrowing down your ICP (Ideal Client Profile) and pull a list only targeting those prospects to avoid booking nonmarket appointments.

Using Our System

Once we have everything ready and reviewed by you, we have a meeting at campaign launch alongside an introduction to our lead management system.

Let Us Help Get Your Campaign Started!